Ybaa Purchase And Sale Agreement

Yes, for a 25K boat, most brokers do not waste their time on a boat of this value, unless it is on their sales dock, lot, etc. in the trade, bought it even in a weak moment. Docking and space are expensive and you can go back very quickly when it`s sitting. If you can find a broker to do it happily – good idea. These 4 pages documented by the YBAA have been reviewed by a lawyer, not for free, probably reviewed once a year (or more) and like most professional associations such as YBAA, FYBA, CBYA, NWYBA, BCYBA have standard forms. However, they are usually sticky when it comes to intellectual property. I, the Seller, hereby transfer exclusive ownership of the said vessel and the trailer to the Buyer. The sale price of said vessel and trailer is $ and will be paid in full on the twentieth day of month xxxx. LOL 25K – Do you have any official state registration documents on which the seller and buyer fill in lines when selling? If so, that`s all you need, paired with a basic receipt that you can write on a towel indicating the sale and having both signatures. 25K is nothing, make sure you are with the buyer at the bank when you have the cashier`s check cashed.

4. Warranties: Both parties hereby agree that this is an “AS IS” sale, without warranty (unless otherwise stated in point 3 above) of any kind, express or implied. 7. In the event that the Buyer is not paid after writing, by e-mail or fax, the payment of the purchase price and the execution of all the documents required by the Buyer for the completion of the purchase no later than the closing date, all funds paid from this closing date will be retained by the Seller and the Broker as liquidated and agreed damages and the parties will be released from all obligations under this Agreement. The amount is divided equally between the seller and the broker after all costs incurred by the buyer for the vessel have been paid from the amount retained. Florida law governs all disputes under the IYBA PSA. The choice of law according to the PSA YBAA is in the state of the main office of the selling broker. The courts of different States interpret treaties differently. The way one State views an agreement is different from the way another State views an agreement.

Florida, for example, requires specific disclosures for a contractual provision providing for lump-sum damages to be effective, while other states have no similar requirements. Since the YBAA PSA may be subject to the laws of different states, depending on where the selling broker`s office is located, it may be a good idea for a local attorney to take a quick look at the contract. 2. The deposit will be transferred immediately upon acceptance by the Seller to the SELLER`s escrow account as a deposit on the purchase price and subject to the terms of this Agreement. You can change that quite simply. It is not a user-friendly form for the buyer. There are simplified P/S agreements. 4. A. In the event that this sale is the subject of a survey, the buyer must ask its agents or surveyors to inspect the vessel to ensure that it meets the buyer`s requirements. This investigation is the responsibility of the Buyer, including associated costs such as.

B, dry dock costs, etc., and the Buyer hereby acknowledges that the Surveyor is selected by him, is in his employ and is solely responsible to him for any errors or omissions, notwithstanding the fact that the Broker has provided the Buyer with information about the availability of the Surveyor. . . .