Citizens Bank Deposit Account Agreement

If we discover that a cashier`s cheque you claim in your possession has already been paid and you claim that the confirmation on the cheque is fraudulent, you can still claim a right to refund by making an affidavit of forgery. Once we have paid for the initial review, we will conduct an internal investigation to determine if the approval was fraudulent. If the cheque has been paid or deposited by another bank, we will try to return the cheque to the bank that took the cheque into account. As a general rule, you cannot make additional deposits after opening your account until the due date. There are exceptions to this general rule, for example. B 182-364 day cDs and all IRAs. Please consult your product disclosure and fees to determine if additional deposits are allowed on your behalf. Each owner or co-owner of your account is jointly responsible for all service and expenses assessed on the account, any debt due due due to overdrafts or lines of credit related to your account, regardless of the owner or co-owner who generates the overdraft or extension of the credit (including all commissions and financing fees) and all fees. , losses or liabilities of any kind arising from this Contract or account. Each owner is jointly responsible before us for the acts (authorized or not) of a co-owner, agent or authorized signatory in connection with your account. By taking an account with us, you submit to the personal jurisdiction of the state in which your account is considered to be held.

An action or other legal proceedings concerning your account must be brought before a federal court or a court of the state concerned. In the event of a conflict between this agreement and existing federal or national law, this agreement is considered to be amended to the extent necessary to comply with the law. If a provision in this contract is declared invalid, unenforceable or illegal, that part will have no bearing on the validity or applicability of the rest of this Agreement.